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Building Relationship with the DreamWorld // Ancient Humans

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Explore Traditional Native American teachings in songs from the DreamWorld. Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. says that our human family has always used symbols and art to "mediate our experience with the unknown or spiritual worlds." Please join me in exploring my Native Ancestral Teachings that come to me as songs in the DreamWorld. "One who helps others listen for their song... A singer is sometimes a healer with the songs." It is my love and wish to help you dissolve any misunderstandings that hold you back. This is an invitation to access your power by transforming through Dreamtime songs. For those who are seeking to make a transformational leap, participating in the full program will help deepen the learning by expanding your consciousness and empowering you to embody the transformation fully. Engaging with these transformational practices will help connect you with your Sacred Origin, enhance your expression and communication, deepen your understanding of yourself, and create a safe space for you to leap toward Your Destiny. Over the years, I have been gifted with 30+ songs and counting. I will take you through a journey of recognizing ancestors, deepening into relationship with them, and moving beyond space and time. Song 01 // Exploring Our Connection with the song Ancient Humans. You are welcome to gather your own talking circles to deepen the experience together with your favorite people and loved ones. /// NOTE /// This Online Program is designed to give you the freedom to participate at your own pace and space. Although the learning is served in bite sizes, it opens the heart and soul to a new kind of community that we hope you will participate in fully. Becoming a member is necessary to foster communication about free gatherings as well as those available for purchase.




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DreamWorld Songs w. Gail Thomas

DreamWorld Songs w. Gail Thomas

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