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///   M Y S T I C A L   S O U L   C O L L A G E   ///


These soul collages emerged from the mystical process of Divine Invocation. Charged with Sacred Blessings, each visual gives a distinct energetic quality intended to raise the vibrational resonance of those that behold it with an open heart.


Examine it.   Explore it.   Embrace it. 

Allow the gift of its Sacred Origin to illumine your inner being.


Download and use this image as desktop wallpaper for your desktop or laptop. A perfect way to enliven your screen with meaning, positive vibes and blessings.


||  Original Soul Collage by Tulaya Pornpiriyakulchai 2020 ©


Interested in purchasing the Original Limited Edition Prints?

Contact us for further information ❤

The Four Directions. SOUTH





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