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Fiji Islands

"Walk With Me to Work With Me" said, Nature.

TessaTheresa EarthHeart






90 Minutes


A journey of self discovery as we walk the shores of Maroroisia, Marine Sanctuary. The recently reclaimed as sacred ancestral lands of Habata on the Coral Coast of mainland Fiji Islands. Join me in bringing back the sacred by anchoring this truth into Earth and back into your bodies. Notice and learn how Nature is always sending us signals to help us decipher the mysteries and our own self inquiry.

Walk With Me Triptych by TessaTheresa

This journey begins and ends in circle with an intimate group of four to nine participants. We come into sacred space in a prayerful manner of Te whe- Sacred Sounding to acknowledge the elements & elementals before presenting ourselves and our intention for our time together, in collaboration with Nature Herself. At the end of our walk, the Journey comes full circle as we return to circle to speak into what spoke to you through sight, sound and sharing and how you can bring this manifest into your life through right relationship.


Session format is offered as ::


Important Note. Pricing may vary. Please inquire for further information.


TessaTheresa EarthHeart

TessaTheresa EarthHeart

Over the last decade, TessaTheresa has been landing back the sacred on this Earth, one heart at a time. Tessa works in collaboration with Nature to facilitate and inspire fellow humans to love them-Selves all the way back down to Earth through our ‘First earth'- Our bodies in this timeline.

“So many are looking to ascend... But they are missing the crucial link - You gotta learn to land, before you take off.”

A devoted daughter of the land and a water protector, Tessa began her career in creative arts and later artivism for reciprocal appreciation and protection of Nature. It was here that she discovered the power of observation, emotional offerings and expression with and of Nature for self discovery, healing and to accessing one’s own divinity.
Enriched with study, practice and discovery within ancient teachings and a willing soul agreement, she brings forth her own medicine for experiential transformation to Return to our Power by Remembering to Mother Earth through our hearts.

“I am free to create and inspire others to be their best selves. I dream of the time where simply walking the land awakens the walker and land to meet each other in divine harmony. I do this in partnership with Nature herself, as I myself return my heart to her.”

TessaTheresa creates remembrance journeys through Nurtured by Nature retreats on the Coral Coast of the Fiji Islands which include healing exchanges in and with Nature in extraordinary power places assisting fellow humans align to their own true nature.

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