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New Mexico

Journey to Wholeness. Making Our Self Human

Wolf Martinez






90 Minutes


“At the Center of the Universe dwells Great Spirit.

That Center is Everywhere. It is Within each of us.”

~Black Elk

Ancient knowledge teaches us that we are Spirit, come here to Mother Earth to experience Being Human. There is an understanding amongst some Native Circles that Human Beings are not born, Human Beings are made. With our feet on the ground, and out stretched arms we cry out at times in longing and pain, and at other times in Gratitude and Celebration. But the feet on the ground is what is important to really feel also. Like the Tree People, "Tall Standing Ones", we must be deeply rooted so that we are able to reach toward the Light.

In Native Traditions Humility is of great importance. The illusion of separateness, and false sense of supremacy over nature perpetuated by the current dominant society created departure from humility that has left our world divided on many levels, including from our Self. When we choose to humble ourselves and approach All Life Respectfully and Honorably, we find our courage, and our Gifts.

Embracing humility means finding comfort in being vulnerable, which is where our Humanity resides. It is where we find our inner fortitude and that innate source of Unconditional Love. We are more able to Consciously Create Our Reality and Live More Free. 

In this transformational journey through various experiential exercises, and Ceremonies, we will move to Awaken to an expanded awareness internally and externally, (as if there is a difference). We find our desire and inspiration to nurture Humanity, as Love only wants to give Love.  

Through online sessions we will explore what being Human means according to Native Wisdoms passed down through many generations. How our words, stories and actions are a reflection of what we are carrying within, and how to tell our stories to reflect what we really desire to embrace, create, and amplify in our Life. How to let go of what no longer serves our heart and soul to embrace the wholeness that already is within. Building our inner strength so that we may better serve and care for Humanity within All. With much humor as well, of course, as we are such funny beings also!

Our words ultimately Create Our Reality:

What does it mean to be Human?

What does it mean to embrace our Humanity?

How do we embrace our Humanity more in a healthy way free from the shadows that inhibit our growth? Who are you really?

What is our higher Self and how do we relate with that? What is our higher purpose?

"Hollow Bone" is a term in many Native Circles which refers to opening our Self to being the vessel for Great Spirit to move through us and to live life in a responsible way. What does that mean to be the Hollow Bone? To be the vessel for Spirit to move and create through us in a clear and clean way. How do we become the Hollow Bone? This is another aspect we will indulge in this class.

Lets come together to re-unite with our center. Remember Our Humanity with Integrity, and explore our Original Agreements as the Human Race.

We were created Whole, and come from Timeless Beauty.

My warm and loving invitation to remember and embrace together our Whole Self.

This is a Seasonal Series of 4 Sessions with Ceremonies and Talking Circles to follow each class.

Session format is available as ::


Important Note. Pricing may vary. Please inquire for further information.


Talking circles are a process steeped in indigenous traditions that help foster confidence, unity, awareness, and trust. "If you can feel it you can talk about it. If you talk about it you can heal and change it.” Today our Human Family is deeply "Feeling It" and wants to “Understand It,” Let's come together to honor our heart, talk about it, and heal it!


Wolf Martinez

Wolf Martinez

I am a Third Gendered Ceremonialist and practitioner of healing arts based in Lakota, Indigenous, and Japanese Traditions for almost 30 years. I've had the honor to travel internationally for many years facilitating Retreats, Teachings and sharing these Ancient Ceremonies across many lands.


Nurture Growth and Expansion
Centered in Clear Awareness of Alignment,
with Joy for Wholeness & Freedom.
Awaken Our Full Human Potential

I practice Shiatsu, Spiritual Council, Breathwork, Journeys, Sacred Songs, and Laughter in the healing sessions I offer with much Love. Over the past few years I've been offering Private Sessions and Ceremonies online as well.

Join us for an exploration into some foundational teachings at the root of Native/Indigenous perspectives and Life Ways. We will explore our innate ability to be in Healthy Relations with various aspects of Nature, the Four Directions, our Ancestors, All Peoples of Mother Earth, including the Plant and Animal Nations, Tribe, Family and our Humanity.

My heartfelt invitation to those who wish to come into Greater Awareness of Our True Self and Nature beyond conditioning, ideas and beliefs attached to roles, and identity. Remembering the Wholeness that we were born with, and expanding beyond our perceived limitations mentally, emotionally, physically, and Spiritually.

We are all here on this Mother Earth to grow, to explore becoming Human, to be the Care Givers, and to Create and Express Joy. Maybe not in this order, Haha.

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