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Planetary Wash. Seraphic Tour of the Solar System

Jamilah Preenun Nana






30 Minutes


Embodying Positive Planetary Energy into our Human Experience Seraphic Planetary Washes are gifted from the Seraphim - an angelic order of the highest, purest power. This Ancient Astro-Technology channels vibrational energy from the planets in our solar system and is part of the Seraphim Blueprint, founded by Ruth Rendely, who channeled this wisdom from the Seraphim in 1994.

In this unique modality, Seraphic Technology draws on a planet’s positive attributes and highest vibrations, and bestows these qualities with divine intelligence. The energies work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, intuitively adapting to each individual’s needs. Through the embodiment of celestial energy, we can use a Planetary Wash to uplift our earthly existence - from experiencing astrological transits in a beneficial way and alleviating the outcome of challenging aspects, to healing and nurturing wellbeing, and supporting our spiritual growth.

Discover the key attributes and some benefits of the Sun and 8 planets in our solar system and how this can holistically support you:

THE SUN :: Strength, Will Power, Life Force, Vitality | Organ: Heart, Circulation

MERCURY :: Mental Clarity, intelligence, better communication and articulation, offsetting the effects of Mercury retrograde | Organs: Throat, brain, thyroid, hands

VENUS :: Love (attracting love, value self-love), peace, beauty, harmony, gentleness, refinement, art | Organs: Heart, Thymus Gland, Throat, Female Reproductive Organs, Kidney

MARS :: Initiative, ‘Can Do’ attitude, decisiveness, dynamic power, passion, warding off procrastination | Organs: Adrenal, Head, Muscles, Male Genitals

JUPITER :: Expansion, abundance, opportunity, prosperity, good luck, faith, optimism | Organs: Liver, Thighs, Feet, Organs of Growth, Pituitary Gland

SATURN :: Structure, order, stability, perseverance, responsibility, boundary | Organs: Skin, Teeth, Bones & Skeletal System

URANUS :: Ingenuity, innovation, creativity, originality, breaking free | Organs: Brain, Central Nervous System

NEPTUNE :: Divine Love, compassion, Cosmic Consciousness, oneness, spirituality, mysticism, intuition | Organs: Pineal Gland, Endocrine System

PLUTO :: Karmic healing, transformation, deep insight, Death & Rebirth, new beginnings | Organs: Pancreas, Organs of Metabolism & Elimination, Chronic ailments

How this works: For use as an Energy Healing Medicine Planetary Washes can be used as an astrological medicine. By harnessing the positive attributes of a specific planet or planets, we can experience improvement in certain areas of our lives. As the intelligent energies assist with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, they enhance our overall wellbeing and spiritual development.

For use as a Supportive Tool During Planetary Events During a dynamic or challenging astrological configuration, such as when a planet is retrograde or in hard aspect, Planetary Washes can smooth and ease the celestial effects. Whilst they do not act as a magic wand to make all challenging aspects disappear, they help to tone down the unpleasant results and support the person during a particular transit.

For use after a Natal Chart Reading* When a client receives a professional astrology reading, the astrologer can pinpoint the weak planet(s) in their natal chart – either at the time of birth or when transiting planets might affect the client in a challenging way.

A list of planets that would benefit from the supportive energy of Planetary Washes can then be given to the client for a Seraphic Practitioner to work on. Whilst Planetary Washes cannot fully offset or completely cure the ill aspects of a person’s astrological chart, they do offer tremendous support by boosting positive energy to help alleviate a challenging outcome.

Please note. Astrology reading is not included. Your natal chart can be provided at an additional charge of USD 50 prior to the Planetary Wash session.

Session format is available as ::


Important Note. Pricing may vary. Please inquire for further information.


Jamilah Preenun Nana

Jamilah Preenun Nana

Hi, I’m Jamilah and it’s an honour to offer healing through the wisdom of the planets. “Seraphic Planetary Washes” is one of many practices I devote in service to high vibrational energy. Indeed the path to my spiritual discovery has been intuitively guided from an early age.

Born in Bangkok, the seed was planted at five years old through Thai Classical Dance. I’ve always been fascinated by stories behind the myths, and this spark was ignited later in life as I became a seeker of truth through Holistic Health, Alternative Healing and Mysticism. it is a privilege to share 20 years’ experience with private clients and groups a range of sessions, classes and workshops all around the world in holistic therapies as a qualified practitioner of Yoga, Breathing, Meditation and Visualisation, Moon Sister Circle – Women Empowering Support Group, JourneyDance, Integrative Reiki, Akashic Records, Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing and Intuitive Card Reading.

Inspired to bring self-healing for body, mind, spirit and emotions, I nurture and support each person to live a happy, healthy, bountiful life, in alignment with their divine soul purpose. I love teaching as much as learning to enrich my soul growth map, as well as to better serve my clients on their own unique journeys. I grew up with a multitude of questions about the existence of the Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe, and wondered what kind of force could hold this all together with such design perfection. As part of my explorations, I have studied the healing energies of plants and colours, symbols, numbers and sacred geometry, myths, philosophy and esoteric knowledge.

Developing a passion for astrology to understand myself, other people and what is happening in our world, for many years I’ve incorporated astrology as a supportive tool with other modalities, and have long seen that it is intrinsically connected with holistic healing. Planetary energy keeps the solar system moving and flowing – and we are a part of this system. The energetic force of the sun and eight planets all have a role to play in our earthly lives, and this is the essence of the “Seraphic Planetary Washes” – a channeling of celestial energy, gifted from the angelic Seraphim. This ancient astro-technology bestows only the most positive attributes and highest vibrational energy with divine intelligence and intuitively adapts to each person’s needs.

“Be Humble for you are made of Earth. Be Noble for you are made of Stars.” ~Serbian Proverb

Planetary Washes help clients to experience transits and aspects in the best ways. I look forward to sharing this profound modality, in whichever way best supports your divine wellbeing. Let your inner light shine more brightly.

Expand your sense of oneness with the universe. Support your soul journey here on earth, guided by the stars. Wishing you abundant love, light, grace and serenity!

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