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Qiji Daoyin. Compassion Through Movements

Jen-Wei Moh






90 Minutes


The Covid-19 era has brought paradigm shift to how we work, play, shop, eat and even behave. The heavy reliance on digital 3C products (computer, communication and consumer electronic products) leaves little for wholesome and meaningful connections. Entering deeper into this heavily digital times has made it increasingly distracting (more than we should) from the importance of the dialogue with our own body, and thereby forgetting the peace inducing Powerful Spiral Movements that are inherent in every one of us.

With information bombardment, we have to respond to multifaceted communication, issues and challenges, which often consume much of our energy. Dao Yin is an Ancient Chinese Art of Life that is steeped in spiritualilty and series of movements that builds connectivity. This 16-session class is intended to introduce the Power of Qiji Daoyin into your lifestyle. Each session, Jen-Wei will lead you into movements to loosen the body and rediscover the innate spiral abilities in everyone of us.

Qiji Daoyin in Japan

Through the continuous movements of Qiji Daoyin spiraling movements, we will bring you back to total peacefulness of the mind-body-spirit, help you reignite your body dialogue, and awaken the self-awareness skills. As a result, the essence of your true nature emerges and this is where the heart of compassion lies.

In a short 90 minutes session, you will be intrigued to experience over time the joy of becoming connected with the suppleness and aliveness of our body that is our true nature. Savour the after glow that arises from your internal bliss as the harmonious flow of your Natural Vital Force is resumed.

Session format is offered as ::


Important Note. Pricing may vary. Please inquire for further information.


Jen-Wei Moh

Jen-Wei Moh

Jen-Wei is a passionate practitioner of Qiji Daoyin, and has been learning the ancient art since 1999. Throughout the 20+ years, Jen-Wei has adopted the Art of Daoyin as part of his daily life, to not only holistically balance his body physically, emotionally and philosophically, but also as means to awaken his original mind and grow in consciousness. Since 2016, teaching Qiji Daoyin continues to provide Jen-Wei the tools and methods needed to deepen his connection with his body’s intelligence and further grow wisdom as life progresses.

Currently based in Taiwan as Chairman of the 47 years old engineering consulting group (Taiwan’s oldest privately owned engineering consulting company), Jen-Wei leads an extremely busy and active schedule that demands regional presence and beyond. Despite the energetic business life, Jen-Wei feels it is important to assimilate the treasures of Daoyin by creating the space in his life to continue his teachings of Qiji Daoyin. In response to the rising pursuit for harmonious living, he is inspired to expand his reach beyond Taiwan.

Jen-Wei has lived in many countries, including Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and USA, and have travelled around the world interacting with people across all continents. This experience has gifted him with the understanding of embracing diversity at large and the ability to communicate with people of various backgrounds, professions and age.

He received his civil engineering degree from Cornell University for both Bachelors and Masters in engineering management with MBA degree from Wharton School of Management. As a professional, he foresees civil engineers playing an ever more critical role of building the necessary infrastructures to provide a safe and secure environment in response to the global challenges ahead; and as a Daoyin practitioner he wishes to instill the importance of Awakening the Forgotten Self-Awareness as a necessary practice in self-development and the journey towards a more harmonious inner and outer world.

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