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Spiritual Tools. The Masterclass

Abuela Eres Reyes

>> JUN 1 & 8, 2024

9.30am EST // 1.30pm GMT // 8.30pm BKK




~2.5 Hrs


This is an invitation to leave behind the limitation of 3D perspective and remember a life that was once playful and full of wonder --our true power lies in our imagination. The more we embrace our spirituality and exercise our multidimensional reality, the greater our internal alignment will be. Together, we will get in touch with the marvels of childlike curiosity and exercise your spiritual gifts.

Away from the Mind and into the Heart is where your Spirituality will thrive. As you walk on this path, bring with you skills to navigate your Spiritual Nature. Let Abuela Eres guide you with Spiritual Tools that will enhance how you navigate life.

These are simple techniques no formula is needed. Each spiritual tool is designed to empower you and help you thrive on Earth. As you navigate life, you will feel well-equipped to handle challenges with grace, care for yourself energetically, and power up blessings in all dimensions of your life. Awaken to your true power and become Your Own God, this is who you are meant to be.


  • Remove energetic interference in your life

  • Create energetic boundaries/protection effectively

  • Effortlessly live your true power

  • Become the creator of your own reality

  • Send energetic blessings of love and healing

  • Active meditation to draw and circulate natural forces in your body

  • Manifest your dreams

The Masterclass is a ~2.5hrs group session x 2, followed by a one-on-one follow-up.

The final one-on-one energetic assessment is a 10-minute Zoom call.

Session format is available as ::



Abuela Eres Reyes

Abuela Eres Reyes

Mexican WisdomKeeper and Medicine Woman of the Sundance Tradition, Abuela (Grandmother) Eres is the founder of the House of the Children of the Tree. She has perfected her technique of spiritual healing through years of experience, incorporating teachings from various cultures.

"Let your cup be so full it overflows onto others because your love is so abundant it inspires others."

Currently, she facilitates Masterclass for spiritual growth and clairvoyance, guides in cacao ceremonies, temazcal rituals, dances with the sun, and serves as a visionary and Guardian of the Jungle.

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