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The Ancient Chinese Path to Self Discovery

Jen-Wei Moh






1.5 Hours


We live in an era of unpredictable changes, a time filled with multitudes of challenges that demand and disrupt all aspects of our daily life. In this unsettling time, are you seeking guidance for ways to access the original wisdom that give light to the Power of Your True Nature? Are you longing to strengthen and expand your energetic qualities, paving way towards a conscious presence that allows you to show up in All Your Natural Vital Force?

Qiji embodies the principles of Qi transformation in the universe and human body while Daoyin is an Ancient Chinese Qi generating movements developed around 300-200BC and is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Qiji Daoyin puts emphasis on the external motions and internal meditation, the practice helps improve awareness of the body, tranquility of the mind, and promote overall harmonious balance and health.

This series of short videos is an invitation for you to explore the Path of Qiji Daoyin in your own time and pace. Each recorded session provide simple home practice to familiarize you with a life through the lens of Dao Yin. At the end of the series, you will be given glimpse into the live practices of the Dao Yin and participate in two 90 minutes movement classes with Jen-Wei.

Jen-Wei warmly invite you to create space for some undisrupted solitude, a time to delve into the dialogue with yourSelf, be it the body, heart and/or soul. Let Qiji Daoyin, the 2000+ years Dao Yin movements, illuminate your Path of Self Discovery, awaken the Power of Self-Awareness and help you access your greatest potentials in this new era of uncertainty. A time that calls for Your Total ReBirth.

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Important Note. Pricing may vary. Please inquire for further information.


Jen-Wei Moh

Jen-Wei Moh

Jen-Wei is a passionate practitioner of Qiji Daoyin, and has been learning the ancient art since 1999. Throughout the 20+ years, Jen-Wei has adopted the Art of Daoyin as part of his daily life, to not only holistically balance his body physically, emotionally and philosophically, but also as means to awaken his original mind and grow in consciousness. Since 2016, teaching Qiji Daoyin continues to provide Jen-Wei the tools and methods needed to deepen his connection with his body’s intelligence and further grow wisdom as life progresses.

Currently based in Taiwan as Chairman of the 47 years old engineering consulting group (Taiwan’s oldest privately owned engineering consulting company), Jen-Wei leads an extremely busy and active schedule that demands regional presence and beyond. Despite the energetic business life, Jen-Wei feels it is important to assimilate the treasures of Daoyin by creating the space in his life to continue his teachings of Qiji Daoyin. In response to the rising pursuit for harmonious living, he is inspired to expand his reach beyond Taiwan.

Jen-Wei has lived in many countries, including Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and USA, and have travelled around the world interacting with people across all continents. This experience has gifted him with the understanding of embracing diversity at large and the ability to communicate with people of various backgrounds, professions and age.

He received his civil engineering degree from Cornell University for both Bachelors and Masters in engineering management with MBA degree from Wharton School of Management. As a professional, he foresees civil engineers playing an ever more critical role of building the necessary infrastructures to provide a safe and secure environment in response to the global challenges ahead; and as a Daoyin practitioner he wishes to instill the importance of Awakening the Forgotten Self-Awareness as a necessary practice in self-development and the journey towards a more harmonious inner and outer world.

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