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The Heart Protocol. Journey with Clarogenix

Dr. Samuel Lee MD




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The Heart Protocol medicines are the new frontier of treatment for mental health. It is where spirituality and western science unite. The Heart Protocol opens a safe, fluid, portal to access one’s own soul. From here, the right attitude, beliefs, thoughts, words, emotions, and healing frequencies flow into the physical body. When this occurs we can regularly witness what western science calls miracles. Addiction breaks. Trauma heals. Depression lifts. Lives improve. And then one starts to remember who they are, why they are here, and what they came here to do thus gaining a deep hope and purpose for their lives.

:: Would you like to ::

Give a direct voice to your "Soul"?

Heal a lifetime of trauma in 4 hours?

Answer the 3 questions :: 

Who am I?  Why am I here?  What am I here to do?

Record 3-5 hours of Soul Transcript on your phone?

The Heart Protocol utilizes a combination of plant based and western medicines to began a process of opening the heart, quieting the mind, and creating a smooth portal of entry to connect with what many have called the soul frequencies. Unlike hallucinogenics where the frequency and information flow can be scattered and difficult to remember; in a heart medicine journey experience one is conscious the whole time and the information flow from the soul to the body is organized, coherent, and able to be recorded. In essence we are giving a direct “voice” to the soul for the first time and recording it. The soul also known as the potential DNA stored in the 4th-6th strands of DNA understands exactly what the body needs in order to heal, integrate, and activate its full potential.

The Heart Protocol has the potential to create a new global paradigm of mental health and revive within each person their birthright to health and freedom. All ancient cultures understand that there is only one dis-ease and that is a disconnection from One’s own Spirit. The Heart Protocol provides a safe and consistent framework for one to re-experience the health, freedom, and safety of one’s own soul. The byproduct of what happens after is a beautiful unfolding and can only be experienced, not explained. Not everyone may be called to this ceremony, however, I do believe everyone should be given an opportunity to choose to re-experience the Depths of Love, Compassion, and Multidimensional Wisdom of their own soul in a clear way.

Out of 10+ years of practicing Western psychiatry, serving as the medical director of a holistic health program, and exploring all different kinds of plant medicines and therapies, I can honestly say that this protocol has the potential to catalyze healing, growth and Re-membrance of our multi-dimensional soul in a clear, safe, effective, and consistent good way.  And from there, your connection to your soul will be strengthened so that eventually you will not need the medicine anymore, as you Self realize you are the medicine.   

It should be a lot of fun and it’s an honor and a joy to facilitate this space with you and engage in the traditional practice of Indigenous Talking Circle to deepen and assimilate the experience.

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Session format is offered as ::


Important Note. Pricing may vary. Please inquire for further information.


Talking circles are a process steeped in indigenous traditions that help foster strength, unity and conscious faith. "If you can feel it, you can heal it. If you talk about it, you can understand it.” Today our Human Family is deeply "Feeling It" and wants to “Understand It,” Let's come together to honor our heart, talk about it, and heal it!


Dr. Samuel Lee MD

Dr. Samuel Lee MD

Samuel B. Lee MD is a board-certified psychiatrist on a mission to create a new global paradigm of mental health and a New Earth. Samuel is currently serving as the Medical Director of the Four Worlds International Institute and has transitioned his psychiatric practice to focus on treating the root causes of mental health diseases. As founder of Transcendence Mental Health, Dr. Samuel is currently traveling around the world spreading the Heart Protocol which helps people connect directly to their soul frequencies.

We are witnessing what Western Science calls miracles consistently but it is actually science. He is also an avid quantum morphogenetic physicist and helps people activate their full potential DNA (what scientists used to call junk DNA) so they can remember who they truly are, be truly free. Samuel's soul purpose is to help activate a billion souls and in the process create a new global paradigm of mental health that focuses on energy and consciousness rather than diagnoses, labels and symptoms.

Dr. Samuel considers it a great joy and honor to be of service to humanity for this important inflection point in humanity's history.

In his free time, Dr. Samuel injoys creating music, playing the piano, dancing, spending time in nature, breath work and engaging in meaningful conversations.

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