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Your Authentic Voice and Embodiment

Anke de Jong






90 Minutes


This is a 4-weeks workshop series that helps you to align with your Innate Wisdom.  

Vocal sound frequencies carry the Remembrance of the Miracle of Life. Your own voice is a unique instrument that allows you to dive into your cellular memory and to connect with the Source within. The exploration of your voice will empower your communication, personal well-being and inner balance. 

In a world that is hyper brain motivated, this is an invitation to Honor Your Heart and give voice to what wants to be heard. There is no right or wrong sound, as each sound has a valuable message for you. Together, we will learn to let go of any judgements and become sovereign in self expression.

Be enlightened by the Wisdom of the Whales, our sound ancestors, and recall sound frequencies that will unite us with our roots and origins. Originating 50 million years ago, they can teach us to tap into our own cellular memory and a remembrance of wholeness and knowingness. They make us feel “Home” and can guide us back to our own sound language.

It is so liberating to consciously use your voice for re-Connection, Clarity of Mind and Embodiment. This series will benefit anyone seeking a greater quality in voice, communication, body awareness and alignment with your Soul Essence.

“Your voice is your Wisdom Keeper. Let it remember as it remembers YOU.” ~Karina Schelde

We will work in live sacred space with voice exercises, body movements, inner listening, intimate group sharings, healing sounds and uplifting intentions.

No experience with singing or voice work is required.



Session format is offered as ::


Important Note. Pricing may vary. Please inquire for further information.


Anke de Jong

Anke de Jong

Intuitive wisdom keeper, sound healer, embodiment guide, Soul Voice® teacher and practitioner. I am Frisian and born on a farm in Friesland, the Netherlands. Our home was surrounded by endless nature, water and green fields. Nature has always been a big inspiration for me and led me to spend over 20 years studying Molecular Plant Science.

Being curious and drawn to indigenous cultures, I received life changing insights in ceremonies with ancient traditions from Canada. This was the start of a deep personal healing journey that brought me back to my heart and ancestral roots. My Danish teacher and spiritual guide, Karina Schelde, illuminated the path for me to find my own voice for empowerment and transformation towards my way back home -Within.

With passion and joy, I love sharing the treasures of my journey guiding friends and beyond to find their own authentic voice -a return home within ourselves for a meaningful, empowered and joyful life.

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