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Soto Zen name is Junpo, my native ancestral name is Dancing Heron or Dances with Death --call me, Gail.

My training in the classic empirical science of Jungian Depth Psychology includes many examples of common symbols arising in dreams, myths, fairy tales and stories of our lives across the world in many cultures. Psychology originated in indigenous medicine ways of healing our spirit as well as our body. My own Tsalagi Ancestral Experiences are steeped in these ways. As a Jungian Depth Psychology Specialist, I can help with finding Your Song and Path in Life.... Hearing your Heart Sing and Opening Doors to Magic.... Using Jungian dream work, mandala art, dance/movement, and music work. Learn more about my passion and what I do:

My favorite grandmothers on both sides of the family were from Paleo villages that have archeological state verification going back to the beginning of the original wave of humans on Turtle Island. We have always lived within a few miles of our own ancestral lands. Due to dominant colonial oppression, our language remained illegal to speak until I was in college. It is my great fortune that they found safe ways to share the teachings exclusively with me.

“All human beings are descendants of tribal people who were spiritually alive, intimately in love with the Natural World -Children of Mother Earth. When we were tribal people, we knew who we were, we knew where we were, and we knew our purpose. This sacred perception of reality remains alive and well in our genetic memory.  We carry it inside of us, usually in a dusty box in the mind’s attic, but it is accessible.”~ John Trudell

Life brought me amazing experiences of the teachings and Wisdom Keepers to share them with. My love for wisdom led me to practice Madhyamika Buddhism and led me to take Soto Zen Vows in 2001. It is the several Near Death Experiences brought me back to Traditional Ancestral Ceremonies. Since then, I have held traditional Inipi Kaga Sweat Lodge Ceremonies here at my home on our Sacred Mountain Attakulla for over 13 years.

I am a certified Talking Circle Leader with Four Worlds Indigenous University. The Guided Ritual Transformation Dance ceremonies came from the magic that emerged from attending their weekly Women's Circle, when Elisi Joan Henry crafted a question that took me back to the first dance I did as a very young girl innocent of the expectations to assimilate. You are warmly invited to join me in reconnecting and remembering our original humanness that is unconditioned, raw and deeply dynamic.

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The Blue Heron stands alone and self-reliant.  She is quiet, watchful, and patiently waits for the opportunity to present itself for her to feed and nurture herself.  She joins others in the community to share the responsibility for the care and protection of the young.  She strides slowly and deliberately through the waters of emotional depth, yet remains firmly grounded and connected to the earth beneath her feet. She will often go unnoticed against the backdrop of her surroundings, though in flight her passage inspires grace, beauty and awesome power.

Gail Thomas

Gail Thomas




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