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Samuel B. Lee MD is a board certified psychiatrist on a mission to create a New Global Paradigm of Mental Health and a New Earth. Samuel is currently serving as the Medical Director of the Four Worlds International Institute and has transitioned his psychiatric practice to focus on treating the root causes of mental health diseases. He is currently traveling around the world spreading the Heart Medicine Protocol which utilizes helps people connect directly to their soul frequencies.

We are witnessing what Western Science calls, "Miracles" consistently but it is actually science.

He is also an avid quantum morphogenetic physicist and helps people activate their Full Potential DNA (what scientists used to call junk DNA) so they can remember who they truly are, Be Truly Free. Samuel's soul purpose is to help activate a billion souls and in the process create a new global paradigm of mental health that focuses on energy and consciousness rather than diagnoses, labels and symptoms. Dr. Lee considers it a great joy and honor to be of service to humanity for this important inflection point in humanity's history.

In his free time, Dr. Lee injoys creating music, playing the piano, dancing, spending time in nature, breath work and engaging in meaningful conversations.

Samuel B. Lee MD

Samuel B. Lee MD




The Heart Medicine Protocol


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