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[ Laura Shivani St George ]

A Music Therapist and initiated Nahua Weather Worker with three decades of experience working globally with holistic health care. Laura is honored to practice ancient weather-working technologies with her indigenous Nahua lineage, including pilgrimages to sacred volcanos in Mexico to help welcome and close the rainy seasons; being in active relationship with the sentience of the elements; and working closely with an international, dedicated community of weather elders and practitioners, who function as a supportive bridge between people and the natural world, acting as stewards for humanity’s delicate and dynamic balance with our environment.

Laura founded Wisdom Alliance, an initiative focused on centering and disseminating traditional First Nations teachings from various esteemed elders in partnership with global advocacy supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Her role as a Special Advisor and Representative for a range of UN Initiatives underscores her commitment to environmental care and preservation, where she also applies her skills in music to raise awareness about the importance of ocean and forest protection, including through her CD “Water of Life.”

As a seasoned Music Therapist, Laura brings her extensive musical background to her healing practices. She has studied and performed Classical Indian Voice for 12 years, including in-depth study and practice in Kolkata and Mumbai with her teachers. Laura's versatility as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist is evident in her ability to create intricate, emotionally evocative sound baths and to teach the art of singing bowls, which she learned how to play in Bhutan, for relaxation and meditation. Her ample experience includes providing Music Therapy in various medical and complementary care settings, such as the renowned Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where she supported terminal cancer patients and their families. Laura has also provided prenatal, birth, and postpartum music therapy to over 100 birth clients in global hospitals, birth centers, and homes. Laura's musical journey greatly enriches her holistic approach, enabling her to seamlessly integrate sound healing into her comprehensive care offerings.

In her work as a women’s health practitioner, Laura leverages her expertise as a women’s coach, clinical herbalist, birth and death doula, Reiki Master, and expert at multiple additional modalities to offer personalized women’s care through her bespoke women’s line, Moon Jasmine Health and Birth. She meticulously crafts individualized herbal remedies, provides holistic birth and death support, and conducts in-depth Reiki sessions. Laura's profound knowledge in these areas is further enhanced by her certification as a Nei Gong Yan Shou Gong Level 2 and Joyful Mindful Movement teacher, enabling her to offer her clients a wide range of therapeutic and meditative practices.

Through her multifaceted approach, Laura Shivani St George is grateful for the opportunity to support and uplift global community, blending and cross-pollinating ancient traditions with contemporary healing spaces and modalities.

[ Anthony Illiano ]

A devoted social entrepreneur, mixed modality facilitator, and spiritual seeker with over 20 years of experience in Manhattan. Beginning his career in NYC's startup scene, Anthony achieved success early via extreme hard work, at his peak generating over a million dollars monthly from affiliate marketing and running the viral news publication, which amassed over a billion hits when active. Currently, he serves as the Growth & Impact Lead and Co-Founder of Awakening Agency, a growth marketing and impact-optimization agency for conscious ventures, key initiatives, leaders, and wisdom-keeper elders.

Anthony's professional success enabled him to devote the past 12 years to deep spiritual seeking and development, guided by elders from various wisdom traditions. His broad mission is to assist the evolution of planetary consciousness by supporting impact-oriented leaders, aligned individuals, groups, and companies in accelerating their actualization and connecting to preserved lineages, tools, and modern technology. Anthony is dedicated to supporting the next octave of what planetary harmony looks like, living in the right relationships with all beings.

His journey has been profoundly shaped by a deep immersion into the shamanic world. Over a decade of sacred plant medicine immersions have helped the natural cleansing process of accumulated shadow. Maintaining relationships with benevolent influences from the plant kingdom to elemental guardians, ascended planes, and deity realms has been beyond meaningful for him, if not pivotal and astonishing. Anthony is now in his third year of mentorship by an Aboriginal elder shaman for trance journeys via traditional drums as well as another apprenticeship in group facilitation. He has also shared shamanic workshops at the renowned Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert and others like Gratitude in NYC and such.

In the discipline of embodiment, Anthony has developed a strong foundation in Korean Taoist Qigong from the Do Han clan, which helped him heal his city nerves and activate his energy body. Additionally, in parallel, Anthony has practiced Kundalini Yoga under Hari Kar, a direct student of Yogi Bhajan. These and various breathwork techniques, including Tibetan Tumo Breath and pranayama, helped regulate his nervous system and build resilience. These two bodies of work evolved to becoming a Level 2 instructor in Shaolin-based Nei Gong under Master Yap. Lastly. movement therapies, such as 5Rhythms and ecstatic dance, have been a marvelous joy in unlocking the body’s mammalian intelligence, helping move through stuck emotions, and finding the center of aliveness.

His spiritual journey includes leading and participating in group facilitation, such as years of men's circles under Sterling Men's Work, as well as personal development programs like Landmark and Altru. More recently as a Level 3 Reiki master in training, Anthony follows a rare, unbroken lineage from Japanese Dr. Usui; here, he uses Reiki not only for hands-on healing but also as an oracular and divination system for client care as well as business collaboration and as a tool for programming items, spaces, and other targets. Separately yet similarly, Anthony is also a Kumete in the Japanese light community Suki Mahikari, focusing on purifying spiritual toxins through the art of giving and receiving light. Anthony is also a student of applied kinesiology, using muscle testing to connect with the body's intuition. All these tools, modalities, and approaches support the ever-adaptive process and journey of life.

Shivani x Anthony

Shivani x Anthony




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