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Sky and Anahita, as divine partners, are passionately dedicated to co-creating transformative healing ceremonies that balance and harmonize the energies of the divine masculine and feminine. They have over 25 years of combined experience guiding sacred medicine journeys. They offer Blyss Awakening

sessions, a unique healing journey designed to release stored trauma, awaken your inner healer, and connect you with your true authentic self. These sessions integrate ancient wisdom, sacred plant medicines, conscious breath-work, and shamanic practices with state-of-the-art healing modalities,

technologies, and therapies.

[ Sky Phoneix ]

Sky's early career was marked by high-octane performances in blockbuster films such as Lord of the Ring, Planet of the Apes, Pirates of the Caribbean. As an acclaimed actor and stunt performer, he was known for his daring feats and artistic prowess. Yet, beneath the glitz of Hollywood, Sky felt a calling towards a more profound purpose. This calling led him deep into the Amazon, where a transformative shamanic journey culminated in a state of Samadhi, or awakened consciousness. In this pivotal moment, Sky experienced the infinite flow of energy that connects all things, igniting his passion for shamanic energy medicine.

For more then a decade, Sky masterfully balanced his dual roles: thriving in the entertainment industry, while being initiated into various traditional medicine lineages. These experiences allowed him to hone his skills in shamanic psychedelic therapy, a unique blend that has empowered him to help individuals

heal from deep-rooted trauma and discover their soul's purpose. With over 20 years of experience in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, Sky is an Ordained Minister and a recognized pioneer in blending ancient shamanic practices with western psychotherapeutic modalities. His wisdom and masterful healing abilities have earned him accolades from many Indigenous leaders, and he has guided over a thousand souls on their path to healing and remembrance.

Among his significant achievements is the creation of the first traditional Ayahuasca temple and healing center in British Columbia, Canada. This sanctuary offers profound healing and spiritual awakening through sacred plant medicine ceremonies, providing a safe space for individuals to explore their consciousness and heal deeply. Sky has developed his own Energy Medicine Modality known as "The Sky Method." This unique system combines ancient esoteric practices designed to awaken one's visionary abilities and perceive realms beyond the third dimension. His practitioner training program teaches this wide skill set, unlocking the third eye and unimagined human potential.As an international bestselling author, film producer, and Co-Founder of,

Sky has traveled the world, learning from ancient wisdom traditions and hosting multi-day "Awakening" retreats. His work continues to inspire and guide countless individuals on their healing journeys, fostering a global community united in the pursuit of higher consciousness and holistic well-being.

[ Anahita Illia-Tixi ]

Anahita has over 18 years of experience in both allopathic and non-allopathic healing arts and modalities. She is a light worker, energy medicine practitioner, channel, sacred medicine facilitator, relational somatic therapist, advance practice nurse, holistic nutritionist and detox guide. Her ancestry is from Northern Iran and she comes from a matriarchal medicine lineage that is in deep reverence and

connection to Earth medicines and devoted to being in service to humanity, which infuses into all that she does.

Her journey of awakening and immersive study and practice with higher states of consciousness started in her early 20’s with the practice of Vipassana meditation as a universal remedy to eradicate mental impurities. This ancient practice of meditation propelled her into her journey of healing her body, mind and spirit and ignited her dedication to supporting others on their journey of deep transformative

healing to awakening expression of their diamond essence selves.

Anahita has always been fascinated by the resiliency of the human spirit and the mind and body’s profound self-healing capacity when provided the right conditions for healing. This led her to enter into the field of Nursing over 15 years ago where she gained diverse clinical, research and academic experiences working in a variety of community settings, mainly in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Toronto and Tanzania. Her work has focused on supporting systematically marginalized communities (e.g. Indigenous, homeless and migrant populations, as well as, populations living with complex trauma/PTSD, mental health issues, substance use issues, HIV and chronic health issues). Over her years

of work she has come to intimately understand how the effects of trauma and adverse childhood experiences shape the psychology, neurobiology, and physical health of individuals. With this background of understanding she has been deeply committed to acknowledge, honour, hold, heal and repair our individual and collective forms of trauma.

Anahita’s dedication to supporting people to resolve trauma led her to become an entheogenic medicine facilitator and certified Kambo practitioner who has studied, mentored and served under her teachers and mentors in sacred ceremonial spaces, with the integration of somatic trauma resolution therapies into their approach. Over recent years she has had the privilege of facilitating hundreds of

group and private Sacred Medicine Ceremonies. Her introduction to sacred plant medicines started when providing nursing care to clients in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside who were being followed by Dr. Gabor Mate and had the opportunity to take part in a multi-day retreat for addiction treatment with

Ayahuasca, which was led by a traditional shamanic healer.

Sky x Anahita

Sky x Anahita




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