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A Mystic and Lover of Alchemy, Tulaya is an independent consultant drawn to big ideas that build meaningful connections and experiences geared towards fostering personal transformation for the collective wellbeing.

By the encouragement of her spiritual elder, in 2021 Tulaya founded EmpathyArchitects -a quest to cultivate compassion and spirituality in the workplace. Prior to the notable launch of Dragonfly360, Thailand’s Gender Equality movement, Tulaya was a corporate director for Thailand’s leading advertising, hospitality and retail corporations.

Rooted in creativity with branding finesse, she followed her curiosity and took her solo flight in 2010 publishing Thai Folk Wisdom, a contemporary take on traditional wisdom. Subsequently, the best-selling book evolved into an academic campaign in Singapore called “Wisdom Beyond Borders” aimed to revive the interest in proverbs, enhance cultural appreciation, discover cross-cultural sensibilities thereby giving folk wisdom relevance to modern day experience. 

Embarking on her journey of holistic living in 1999, Tulaya was inspired by the remarkable sense of upliftment and established omroom, Bangkok’s Little Spiritual Haven, in order to share these gifts. As a former Wellness Curator of the renowned Wonderfruit Festival, she continues to passionately advocate for conscious living as an enabler for social innovation through Rainbow Blessings, designed to bring to life decades of spiritual learning curated for those who are seeking to expand their inner reservoir of peace, love, meaning and authenticity.

While channelling her creativity in co-creating a harmonious future, Tulaya devotes her time to working closely with Indigenous WisdomKeepers and transformational guides worldwide as a collaborative circle serving wisdom, sacred ceremonies and transformational experiences designed to help access our inner wealth.

With increasing destructive wildfires, rising sea levels and more, Indigenous Wisdom offer solutions for combating climate change and hostility based on their heart based knowledge and holistic worldview. The urgent call to address the need for radical change inspired Tulaya to expand her vision further: EmpathyArchitects.Life is an online lifestyle platform dedicated to sharing ways to go deeper within, building empathy and strengthening our connection to the intelligence that predates human kind -Mother Nature.

Become Conscious and share through Consciousness.

Become a Living Invitation.

Through Empathy, In Oneness.

Extraordinary Everyday Woman in Asia // Interview

Tulaya Pornpiriyakulchai

Tulaya Pornpiriyakulchai




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