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I am a Third Gendered Ceremonialist and practitioner of healing arts based in Lakota, Indigenous, and Japanese Traditions for almost 30 years. I've had the honor to travel internationally for many years facilitating Retreats, Teachings and sharing these Ancient Ceremonies across many lands.


Nurture Growth and Expansion

Centered in Clear Awareness of Alignment,

with Joy for Wholeness & Freedom.

Awaken Our Full Human Potential

I practice Shiatsu, Spiritual Council, Breathwork, Journeys, Sacred Songs, and Laughter in the healing sessions I offer with much Love. Over the past few years I've been offering Private Sessions and Ceremonies online as well.

Join us for an exploration into some foundational teachings at the root of Native/Indigenous perspectives and Life Ways. We will explore our innate ability to be in Healthy Relations with various aspects of Nature, the Four Directions, our Ancestors, All Peoples of Mother Earth, including the Plant and Animal Nations, Tribe, Family and our Humanity.

My heartfelt invitation to those who wish to come into Greater Awareness of Our True Self and Nature beyond conditioning, ideas and beliefs attached to roles, and identity. Remembering the Wholeness that we were born with, and expanding beyond our perceived limitations mentally, emotionally, physically, and Spiritually.

We are all here on this Mother Earth to grow, to explore becoming Human, to be the Care Givers, and to Create and Express Joy. Maybe not in this order, Haha.

Wolf Martinez

Wolf Martinez




Mitakuye Oyasin. Heart of Native Spirituality

Journey to Wholeness. Connecting With All Of Yourself


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