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From Temporary Bandages to Healing For Good.

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Individuation. Jungian Depth Psychology with Gail Thomas.

I was so excited to join the BLACKPINK Bangkok 2023 concert and meet up with my high school girlfriend, Tulaya. Very glad we managed to catch up, it gave us the opportunity to exchange our current life statuses. A single woman living in Taipei, I was deep in the corporate world of Fashion/Textile sourcing for over 20 years. For the first half of my life, I was a warrior. Living life through extreme emotional and physical conditions, and was a proud one. It was about 7 years ago, I began my exploration into Self-Development. It began as a desire for peace of mind nothing more. It was the most difficult practice ever for me. It felt very foreign.

So when Tulaya filled me in on the launch of her life purpose to share her love for Self- Evolution and Indigenous Wisdom, it got me curious. As an old-time friend, I wanted to support her. As a seeker, I was also interested in exploring the spiritual wisdom of the Indigenous Traditions.

Therapy is very common in Taiwan, most people all around me have had a long history of seeing therapists/psychologists locally. In a highly conventional manner, these service providers are all great listeners. They allow me to scream, show emotions and rant in each and every session. I would feel satisfied for one day, at most. Like a drug addict, I would feel desperate for another session and another session.

My fear of relying on a therapist for the rest of my life really scared me. In my heart, I knew, it is a totally unsustainable practice.

When hearing about my nightmares, Tulaya encouraged me to experience a transformational session she is offering on EmpathyArchitects. "Individuation sessions will be very different, Su. Gail brings with her a spiritual power that most therapists do not possess. Please give her a try. Trust me, it will be helpful." she insisted.

While I am grateful for all the therapists who supported me along the way, these experiences have subsequently led me to understand the vast difference in how Gail's work impacted me. How she has sparked in me the transformation from Within. To me, Gail is not only a Buddhist but a Jungian Depth Psychologist and a Dream Interpreter. She is a True Loving Guide. She embraces me with great compassion --Not a single judgment.

Gail exercises her session with a deep understanding of problems and effectively tracing them back to their root cause. Leading me to explore my own Self, she helped me honor and acknowledge my challenges. Using different transformational tools, Gail brought me to humming, drawing, and ritualistic baths to treat each of my various internal traumas.

Thanks to Tulaya and the launch of this was the very first time I tried a transformational session with a Native American. The experience is very rewarding. Through my sessions with Gail, I came to understand that ONLY IF I make the choice for mySelf, will I thoroughly benefit most from her sessions.

Of the endless therapies I have undergone, Gail is the very first person who consistently empowers me to overcome my own fear. This is the True Gem of it all.

Within the first 10 minutes of seeing Gail, I knew I could trust her. She carries a very gentle presence and is very caring with all the words she uses. Though it may seem like my first time meeting her, there is a strange sense of recognition, as if I have known her from long before.

The part that intrigues me most is that she is a Buddhist practitioner who not only understands karma but embodies the true meaning of compassion.

Gail's expertise in Dream really shocked me. In our first session, she had a past trauma all explained in 20 minutes time. Explaining to me that each person in my dream represents a part of my Self, linking back mainly to my childhood trauma. And I have not had the chance to heal in the past 47 years of my life!!!

Gail inspired me to use different angles of perspective to review my own trauma. I cried. All along, it was me who was not willing to let go of my own past. The page should have turned long ago. If only I could have met Gail earlier.... but it's never too late!

The session revealed to me that the people that were appearing to me in my dream are all leaving me in real life, I am the person who still wants to hold on to those relationships. What became visible were the sacrifices of the mother, and the coldness of the father, and the indifference of my friend. Gail’s guidance helped me logically see things. It all became very clear. The fear of losing all these unhealthy relationships really haunted me. I believed, even if it’s a broken one I should hold on to it dearly. I believed we should be forgiving to our family members. After much revelations, the session ended with humming along with Gail. I was given the homework to honor my nightmare with a cold bath followed by a nap.

The nap honored me with another dream, where 3 of my friends showed up. Gail, of course, masterfully decoded the meaning to represent each of my unfulfilled Self. Pinpointing the significance of each number that appeared in my dream. Number 17, 25, and 3, are all significant numbers each representing the feminine and the masculine archetype referring to the true Self of being open to choices and love.

I am confident to say, by 2nd session I had already transformed into a more confident Self. Allowing my soul to guide me and accepting things as they are presented before me. No longer scared, and intimidated by all the happenings in life –a truly welcoming reward. This deep sense of liberation is very empowering.

Compared to all my past therapies, Gail trumps them all with her expertise. Her individuation sessions are powerful for the bespoke treatment she provides. Furthermore, I have been invited to listen to her on her free YouTube channel as a follow up. This makes her way more accessible than any other therapists I have encountered.

I don’t believe in binary comparison, because each therapist has served their purpose in my past. Gail, however, is one of a kind, and unique. In just a few sessions, I have gained an enormous shift in awareness like none other. Naturally, I am inspired to encourage all my friends who are seeing a therapist to give themselves an opportunity to heal “For Good”.

Gail is here to treat you “For Good”. She is no temporary bandage. Her session is meant to leave a mark in your heart “For Good” and heal you “For Good”.

While I still have many other issues that remain unresolved, I recognize that it will take time to uncover. The sense of dependency no longer grips me. The deep sense of empowerment from within is the reward that I have gained from working with Gail.

I can now see myself differently, and see other’s perspectives differently with more acceptance. This little shift in awareness has already changed me so much. Words cannot describe the transformation. I highly recommend anyone stuck in life, down with a depression, or feeling a sense of loss to experience Gail. Open yourself up to even one trial session with her.

In this world, we all have been shaped to behave in certain ways, follow a dogmatic way of life, leaving most of us with a very unhappy Self because we were never really taught how to take care of our hearts. Gail Thomas is someone who will open you up with her gentle presence, compassionate heart and innovative approach. While all the work comes from within us, her ‘Individuation. Jungian Depth Psychology’ session is a very powerful transformational process that deserves your curiosity, interest and exploration.

Yours truly,

WL, su.


In awe by her transformation WL, su was inspired to write a blog entry to help us spread the message of empowerment. To learn more about Gail Thomas and her offers on EmpathyArchitects. Click Here

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