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The Fateful Introduction

Updated: May 21

EmpathyArchitects, the becoming.

The Four Directions. East 2020

Bangkok, Thailand 2001. Life then was all about recovery, whatever it takes to heal from my herniated disc. Rising in pain each morning is not what I want to get accustomed to. Any kind of therapy that can help liberate me from my suffering, I am IN.

Thus began my descent into the world of esoterics and alchemy. Then in one unsuspecting Reiki session, Divine Guidance came through asking the Reiki Master to connect me with her long time spiritual friend: Hereditary Chief Phil Lane. Jr of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations. It seems the Native American Medicine that he, whose traditional name is Chanupa Sapa, was more appropriate to help resolve a mysterious matter I was facing.

Cocooned in the protection of powerful Native American prayers and his devoted ancestors, the transformational process was an extraordinary experience that left a profound impression in my heart. It was and continues to be extremely inspiring to see how a spiritual way of living through the ages helps keep family bonds intact and united beyond the physical realm. “I come as one, I stand as ten thousands,” Maya Angelou once declared and rightly so. We really are a holographic presence of all our ancestors combined. Needless to say, the mysterious challenge I encountered was indeed lifted and the direct exposure into the unseen realm that co-exists with our reality left me intrigued by the Indigenous Spirituality.

Growing up, my limited exposure to Indigenous Cultures were brief encounters with the ethnic minorities in Northern Thailand. These hill tribe cultures have largely been absorbed into Thai society and much of their heritage lost over time. However, my experience with Chanupa Sapa opened up a whole new dimension of fascination. What stood out most about Indigenous Healing Art is how they harness their deep connection to the Earth Wisdom and Medicine of the Natural World. Abundant with 8.7 million species of animals and plants that adorn our little blue dot, I can’t begin to imagine how comprehensive their remedies can be.

Earth Guardian
Earth Guardian 2020

Some years later, I was drawn to a very unusually titled book, Mutant Message from Down Under. Seeing that a lot of spiritual luminaries endorsed the book, I quickly picked up a copy for myself. I was not prepared to be brought to so many tears reading the book. I was deeply moved to discover the life enhancing spiritual insights, but deeper than that was the sense of strong remembrance to a truth that made my heart weep with joy. Something deep within was hinting me towards a path I was fated to take, but the timing left my heart’s desire on the back burner.

Over the course of the years, my connection with Dekshi Phil, as I came to call him, revealed a deeper purpose as he became my staunch protector through my dark challenges and the closest thing to a father figure for me after having lost mine. He gave me his loyalty unconditionally and expected nothing in return -this moved me. It is rare to experience a heart so noble and generous in a society rampant with greed and manipulation. His loyalty to me was a great treasure; naturally I gave mine in return.

Fast forward to 2020, in the shadow of the dark billowing Covid-19 storm, Dekshi was called to begin sharing the Tradition of The Indigenous Talking Circle to the world. Close to 300 of us from all around the world gathered to learn the ancient ways of communicating, sharing, and exploring ways to relate to one another, centered in Heart Wisdom. No words can begin to describe the deep transformational shift I made as the course unfolded. Through my personal experience, I came to understand the unique effect of Indigenous Spiritual Practice to be subtle but deep -much like a seed germinating within the Earth, discreet yet dynamic. The initial process of transformation is protected in the cradle of fertile darkness and unless you are very conscious of your own inner being, the metamorphosis will only become apparent when the personal growth finally shines through to your behavior.

The Sacred Tree 2020

I emerged from the course ladened with gifts of inner treasures. Some became an unexpected outpouring of artistic expression: my heart was on fire fervently illustrating my newfound consciousness through the mystical art of Soul Collages. Visions upon visions, I was in the flow state that gave voice to the radiant bliss within me…. A great deal of personal growth came out of attending the Talking Circle Leadership: strengthening my qualities in empathy, active listening, conflict resolution and heart centered communicating. Never in my wildest imagination did I foresee that the self enhancing process would help me access a greater creative force within me. It became an ecstatic dance of my Spirit. A remembrance of my Sacred Origin. A celebration of LIFE.

Glorious Dawning 2021

My great love for ancient wisdom and the esoterics have been a constant throughout my life. Today, I stand empowered and fiercely wild, living my truth -proud and bold to be exactly as I am in my strength, mistakes, vulnerabilities and purpose. Through my spiritual journey, I have gained an unimaginable sense of peace, compassion and awareness and with each new sunrise, I become ever more poised to navigate life’s adventure and all the blessings in disguise. Most thrilling is to behold the ever renewing vision of mySelf through active engagement of spiritual practices that help me move beyond hurtful memories and limiting beliefs, further expand my consciousness, and above all thrive in relating with others with my heart.

Generally, I am quiet and introspective by nature, and I am not much about celebrating birthdays. Yet, honoring a monumental milestone in my personal growth is important. So this year, in high exuberance, I observe my 44th solar return and all the remarkable experiences I have savored. The Sufis speak of polishing the heart into a mirror, so that through our love we can reflect the heart of everything. From the heart wrenching grieving, the state of utter hopelessness in human frailty, the fury of an unwarranted adversary to the sweet moments of loving tenderness shared with friends and loved ones, all of you have my gratitude for the continuous polishing of my heart.

Looking back, it was a destined path dotted with people who each in their own unique way intensified my self inquiry and broadened for me the meaning of compassion. More importantly, the path was blessed with those who will later play a significant role in the culmination of my life's purpose and the convergence of EmpathyArchitects. On the turning of the Auspicious 44 my spirit is soaring like an eagle in ascent, excited to share with the world all the wondrous heart opening treasures I have gathered. It thrills me so much, I can barely sleep!

Divine Vision 2021

From the fateful introduction to Indigenous Spirituality, I have again and again tasted the sweet rewards of building a loving relationship with myself, fostering empathy for others and exercising spirituality when relating to the Natural World. Everything in life is interrelated and interdependent. Without a healthy level of inner peace, how are we able to treat another in a loving manner? Without a healthy sense of emotional awareness, how can we offer our kind consideration to another? Without the right understanding of our inherent Oneness, how can we extend our gracious respect to each other? Without connecting to our spiritual heart, how can we build a peaceful and harmonious life together and thrive with Mother Earth?

Way of Devotion
Way of Devotion 2022

EmpathyArchitects is a lifestyle platform powered by a collaborative circle of Indigenous WisdomKeepers and transformational guides dedicated to sharing ways to go deeper within, building empathy and strengthening our connection with the intelligence that predates human kind -Mother Nature. Here, we exercise and expand our consciousness in the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimension as the means to Empower Our Personal Life Experience and Uplift The Way We Relate To One Another and The World.

“Starting from within, working in a circle in a sacred manner we heal and develop ourselves, our relationships and our world.” ~The 16 Indigenous Principals

Be a living invitation.

Become conscious and share through consciousness.

Remembering Our Sacred Oneness.

Returning to Our Sacred Tree.

Reweaving Our Union with Mother Earth.

Together, we are One Human Family.

Your EmpathyArchitect,

Tulaya Pornpiriyakulchai



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May 01, 2023

Sooo glad to find you after so long:)


Nov 01, 2022

Really exciting stuff, this. Looking forward to much more from @Tulaya Pornpiriyakulchai and @EmpathyArchitects! Huge congrats!

Nov 02, 2022
Replying to

Can't wait to share more. Thanks for the encouragement, ❤️ YOU! Xxx


Nov 01, 2022

Love the site and this blog is AMAZING!!!💛😍

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